Capital Measures

Dear Shareholders,

On 30 January 2020, the General Meeting of IGP Advantag AG resolved and implemented a capital increase against contributions in kind in the amount of 26,446,280 shares at an issue price of EUR 1.21, for a total of EUR 32,000,000.00.

In addition, the Annual General Meeting resolved to make it possible for shareholders who were unable to participate in this capital increase to participate in a cash capital increase of 5,940,375 shares at the same issue price of EUR 1.21 in a subscription ratio of 1:15 by way of a subscription offer to compensate for the resulting dilution. One share held secures the subscription right to 15 new shares. In addition, the shareholders receive an over-subscription right for those shares that were not subscribed to within the scope of the subscription right. There is no entitlement (right) to the allocation of new shares as part of the over-subscription.

In implementation of the resolution of the Annual General Meeting, the subscription period for this capital increase with subscription rights begins on 29 July 2020 and ends on 12 August 2020.

The new shares are entitled to participate in profits from 01.01.2020. Until the Annual General Meeting of the company on 21 August 2020, the shares will have the WKN A289U9 / ISIN DE000A289U95 after registration in the securities accounts. After the Annual General Meeting, the shares will be exchanged for the shares with the WKN A1EWVR / ISIN DE000A1EWVR2 listed on the primary market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange and on the unofficial market of the Berlin Stock Exchange.

For detailed information, please refer to the securities information sheet (see below).

If you have any questions about the capital measure or the IGP Advantag share, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 02831.3959373 or by email at