Ad-hoc | 06.12.19

Advantag AG intends to increase capital in kind

The company is planning a non-cash capital increase of approximately EUR 26.8 million.

Advantag AG has been informed by its main shareholder, IGP Beteiligungs AG, Berlin, that in the context of the planned capital increase against contributions in kind in accordance with IDW-S1 an expert opinion has been prepared on the companies to be contributed, IGP Ingenieur AG, Berlin, and IGP Projekt GmbH, Berlin, totalling approximately EUR 32.5 million.

The contribution in the context of the capital increase through contributions in kind is to be made by issuing 26.8 million new shares at a price of EUR 1.21 per share. At the same time, the shareholders are to be granted a subscription right for the subscription of shares within the scope of a crossed cash capital increase of a total of 4 million shares at the same issue price, at which an exclusion of subscription rights is provided for the contributing companies.

An extraordinary general meeting is to be held on 30 January 2020. For the verification of the expert opinion, a second opinion of another independent auditing company was commissioned, which is not expected to differ significantly from the expert opinion. The result will be available shortly. The final decision on the capital increase against contribution in kind and the corresponding capital increase against cash is incumbent on the general meeting of Advantag AG.

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