Directors-Dealing | 12.02.20

Purchase of securities by Management Board member Stefan Gräf

1. information on persons performing management functions and persons closely related to them

Name: Stefan Gräf

2. the reason for the message

a) Position / Status: The person required to report is a member of the issuer’s management board

b) Initial report / correction: Initial report

3. information on the issuer, the participant in the market for emission allowances, the auction platform, the auctioneer or the auction monitor

a) Name: IGP Advantag AG

b) LEI: 529900UXB9R20Y9CZG06

4. details of the transaction(s): This section must be repeated for (i) each type of instrument, (ii) each type of transaction, (iii) each date and (iv) each place where transactions have been carried out

a) description of the financial instrument, type of instrument, identification

Ordinary shares of IGP Advantag AG, Glockengasse 5, 47608 Money

b) Nature of the transaction

The person subject to the reporting requirement, as a member of the management board of the Issuer, has acquired shares on behalf of IGP Beteiligungs AG, Berlin, in its capacity as a member of the management board of IGP Beteiligungs AG, Berlin, in the course of a capital increase and has thereby exceeded the reporting threshold.

c) Price(s) and volume

Price: 1,21 EUR
Volume: EUR 191,452.25
Acquisition of 158,225 shares for a total price of EUR 191,452.25

d) Aggregated information: ./.

e) Date of the transaction: 04.02.2020

f) Place of transaction: Over-the-counter

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