Directors-Dealing | 07.12.17

Securities lending Executive Board Raik O. Heinzelmann

1. information on persons performing management functions and persons closely related to them

Name: Raik Oliver Heinzelmann

2. the reason for the message

a) Position / Status: The person required to report is a member of the issuer’s management board

b) Initial report / correction: Initial report

3. information on the issuer, the participant in the market for emission allowances, the auction platform, the auctioneer or the auction monitor

a) Name: Advantag Aktiengesellschaft

b) LEI: 529900UXB9R20Y9CZG06

4. details of the transaction(s): This section must be repeated for (i) each type of instrument, (ii) each type of transaction, (iii) each date and (iv) each place where transactions have been carried out

a) description of the financial instrument, type of instrument, identification

Ordinary shares of Advantag Aktiengesellschaft, Glockengasse 5, 47608 Money

b) Nature of the transaction

As a shareholder of Advantag AG, the notifiable person borrowed a total of 60,000 shares of Advantag AG to implement a resolved capital increase. Once the capital increase has been entered in the Commercial Register and the new global certificate has been issued, Advantag AG is obligated to transfer the 60,000 shares back to the lender.

c) Price(s) and volume

Free of charge / stock exchange price
currently EUR 1.44 (primary market Düsseldorf Stock Exchange)
Volume: 60.000
This is a loan until the completion of the capital measure

d) Aggregated information: ./.

e) Date of the transaction: 07.12.2017

f) the place of the transaction:

The transfer took place off-market from the deposit of the lender Raik Heinzelmann at S Broker GmbH & Co. KG to the deposit of the Lending Advantag AG at the same institution. The retransfer will take place after completion of the corporate action. The respective shares of the company with the WKN A1EWVR are traded on the primary market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange as well as on the open market of the Berlin Stock Exchange.

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